9-5’ers “Ain’t Got Time For That!”

And that’s why 98% FAIL at online marketing. 100% of the time.

All jokes aside, you know it’s true. Advertising is a difficult, consuming, downright baffling endeavor. You rarely find the time to even try. Let alone figure out HOW to in the first place! We get it. Those who hold down a day job, while they have the best of intentions to devote some time to a secondary income stream that might just free them from the daily grind, never quite find a free slot in their schedule to do so. And what a shame that is. Because, if only you could: a) navigate the Marketing Maze to see which way is out, and b) drive a halfway decent volume of traffic to your website, that’s where the magic would start to happen… right? Indeed! And luckily for you, that’s where PostMyAdsPlease comes in. We get eyeballs to your site. But not just any eyeballs. “QUALIFIED” ones – i.e. prospects who’ve specifically viewed the type of business you’re presenting, want to see more, and are responding in REAL TIME asking for YOU. These elements are key to giving you the opportunity to step in and seal the deal while they are LIVE, RED HOT, and MOTIVATED TO PURCHASE.

We’ve Been Around The Block

We have successfully posted hundreds of thousands of ads for our clients, enabling them to almost fully automate their online income ventures.

We Help Earn Your Check

We are a pivotal part of our clients’ success, because our advertising helps foster the very enrollments that pay their commissions.

We Hit The Target

We’ve already got the marketing part figured out, and execute it with precision. We get the RIGHT prospects to your website, transitioning them to RELEVANT, QUALITY LEADS.

Our Leads Turn Into Signups

Our multi-venue TARGETED traffic ensures preconceived interest, exponentially increasing your chance for receptive, non-defensive communication with your deposited leads – and ultimately increasing the likelihood of CONVERSIONS.

Focus On Your Bread & Butter…

While we lay the foundation for your supplemental income (until it outpaces your 9-5!)

The Most Powerful Way To Leverage a Limited Advertising Budget:

CO-OP Marketing.

Co-operative marketing is an initiative enacted by a group of people sharing a common need, and leveraging shared, pooled resources to achieve the objective to satisfy it – thereby exponentially increasing the likelihood of success, since results are multiplied by the sum of its participants.

This is known as “Economy Of Scale”, i.e. the cost advantage that arises with increased output. Because of operational efficiencies and synergistic, communal funding, both your dollar and your advertising reach go much further, especially since you can be incorporated into several marketing venues simultaneously.

The Power Of The Pool

One marketing manager (PostMyAdsPlease) produces material for the group as a whole. Combining promotional forces and budget to reach their collective/respective core audience, leads are generated and distributed to the Pool shareholders. Because of the increased buying power, results are attained in a way that no one participant’s resources could achieve singularly.

Take Postcards For Example…

What you would have spent on postage alone is driven way down. Not to mention the price of the actual cards, incoming shipping, and address label leads to mail them out to. Oh, and don’t don’t forget the time investment to affix stamps and labels, run around to mailboxes, etc.

With a co-op share, you’re able to be positioned in a shared campaign that’s sending out THOUSANDS more postcards than you could do alone. PLUS, you could also be in 1-5 ADDITIONAL venues at the same time, for the same low price!

Space Is Limited

Each Pool has a strict cap for # of participants, with new people not being allowed in until we open enrollments again. We do this to keep ourselves at a pace where we can fulfill the volume of traffic that must be generated and driven to each site, in order for Pre-enrollees/Tour Takers to materialize. Several internal and external factors dictate when we roll out additional Pools. We will not sell shares just for the sake of selling them, as we must be equipped at all times to meet demand. Order fulfillment is paramount.

$99 Pools 95%
$199 Pools 90%
$299 Pools 80%
$499 Pools 75%

Capacity Full


How We Deliver Your Leads

Confined to a limited # of people per Tier and per Pool (FIVE, 5) or (TEN, 10) respectively, leads are targeted, harvested, and designated to the people corresponding to that Tier and Pool purchase.

Engineered to be proportionally beneficial to its 5 or 10 shareholders, each person in the Pool will receive leads on a one-by-one basis, cycling through to repeat several times until the quota is reached, and the transaction is fulfilled for all.

Dispensing Leads From Our Mass Campaigns
In This Rotational Manner…

The process from beginning to end encompasses the following steps:

1. PostMyAdsPlease launches a multi-faceted marketing campaign with 1 or more venues (example: Postcards, Craigslist, Texting) targeting people for your specific business, MLM, or product via ads crafted to that niche so responders are authenticated as being truly interested.

2. Prospects respond to the ad (or text, postcard, etc.) They are then directed to MARCH RIGHT OVER TO YOUR WEBSITE to Pre-enroll in the business, taking a Tour position, and with HIGH INTEREST, they will be awaiting your further correspondence. Our preliminary, methodically-constructed dialogue with these TARGETED prospects sets the stage, establishing a very good chance that with your follow-up communication to simply answer questions, some will upgrade/purchase.

3. You take the wheel, communicating with each person to encourage upgrade/engagement in the business. (Most of our co-op ads illustrate for the prospect that they’ll be looking at a powerful, semi-hands off business, so it therefore would not be uncommon for them to expect YOUR communication in an automated manner – via email. This liberates you from having to call. HOWEVER: You can choose to set up a phone call with them if you wish, and should – especially if your business is a high ticket, or if you want to facilitate a MUCH swifter close.)

4. A statistical percentage of people will upgrade due to your follow-up, and sometimes, spontaneously on their own voluntary basis because of the Powerful System and “Fear Of Loss” Emails your autoresponder may be sending on your behalf.

This section is for people who DO NOT wish to join or work another “biz opp”, but want to still make a TON of money – by simply securing an advertising package to market a profitable product – SILENTLY, via our efforts. Those who want to sit back, watch the sales roll in, and call it a day.

CLICK HERE for details of how it works.

By now, you’ve gathered that we perform super cost-effective, multi-venue, Co-op marketing, for any business you want or need promoted. But what if you’re not actively engaged in any particular program at the moment? What if you absolutely loved the service PostMyAdsPlease provided you in the past, and would like to parlay that into something self-contained, and completely “hands off”? If you’re sick and tired of the rat race of (trying and failing to) RECRUIT PEOPLE, good riddance to that! we have a better alternative: AFFILIATE SALES.

Better known as CPA (cost per acquisition) commissions you receive, via direct sales of HIGHLY sought-after products, that gross in the multi BILLIONS of dollars per year. These are RED HOT items in niches ranging from cellulite, to weight loss, to apocalyptic survival, and so on. Every time a sale is made, SOMEBODY makes a hefty commission. That somebody might as well be you.


We at PostMyAdsPlease are affiliate marketers ourselves! OUTSIDE of, and completely independent of PMAP. We do it because the commissions you can accrue each month are MASSIVE. You just have to know how to market and drive traffic. (That’s where we come in.)

So many of you are “burnt out” on the MLM industry, and constantly ask us for “something else” we can recommend other than ANYTHING REQUIRING RECRUITING. So we’ve decided to pull the lid off our personal secret weapon, and share it with you. We’re unveiling our own income source (affiliate sales) and allowing YOU the opportunity to earn like we do every month – with our marketing expertise at your disposal.

Understand that we don’t mess around and waste time on sh*t products. As we like to stay in the 10K/month income range or better, we only personally promote the TIPPY-TOP selling products that yield MONSTER conversions, in the hottest niches (see below.)

You will not need to buy any of these products or “join” anything. You simply purchase a marketing package from us, so we can drive the targeted traffic for you.

Oh – best part: You never have to speak to a living soul. People convert either automatically (because your product’s site content is ultra compelling) or, if they have questions, they converse directly with the manufacturer. (And don’t worry – “cookies” still tie the sale to you!)

Ok, scroll down for the products we PERSONALLY sell and recommend. They’re all top sellers. Either pick the one that most intrigues you, or ask us which converts slightly higher than another.

Click the “More Info” button on each one, to see which one(s) you’d like us to promote for you, via inclusion in our Co-op Pools (which go out to the very same marketing that WE use!)

There are people making an extra 500 bucks a month with affiliate sales, and people making 20K and better. It’s all about scaling the marketing.

If you want to SIMPLIFY your life and move AWAY from the MLM/online opportunity realm, and TOWARDS something more tangible, and “doable” for you, simply toss out a few advertising dollars, and have us multiply them for you behind the scenes.

Think of this personal gem we’re sharing (which liberates you from having to build a team, support people, and make phone calls you probably don’t have time for) as our “gift” to you. 😉


The following is a grouping of Co-op shares we currently offer. With only 5-10 participants allowed in each pool, they fill quickly.

Additional Pool Choices

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Co-op orders are fulfilled with REAL people who respond to our ads designed for the specific niche, visit your website, VOLUNTARILY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY take a Tour Position/Pre-enroll, are highly interested in further engagement, and are looking to speak to someone who can simply tell them why an upgrade/purchase is the right move. Our Tour Takers/Pre-enrollees, because they are communicated with and transported through the material in a highly controlled, results-driven manner, yield a VERY elevated probability that they will convert to paid members.

PROFIT EXAMPLE: In a low-medium ticket, if you are only able to get a mere 25% of your already highly interested Pre-enrollees/Tour Takers to upgrade, and they come in at the most common Join level, in most businesses’ comp plan scenarios you would double your money back on a co-op share. And in a high ticket, a mere 5% conversion rate would pay for your co-op share many times over. This is purely an example, and you can experience more, or less. But the trend we are seeing is an inordinately high number of upgrades with our marketing.

There are 4 Tiers (prices) and different Pools (multi-venue runs) within those Tiers.

No timeframe on delivery, as marketing has uncontrollable variables. But fulfillment turnaround on 1 share is typically/historically has been, 30-45 days.

That said, all advertising is continuous, running until until Pre-enrollee/Tour Taker quota is met.

There are no contracts, recurring fees, or monthly subscriptions on co-op packages. When you need more people, you simply buy another co-op share. You are in control.

$99 Share

Pre-pay here for priority entry to next
pool if shares above are sold out.

$199 Share

Pre-pay here for priority entry to next
pool if shares above are sold out.

$299 Share

Pre-pay here for priority entry to next
pool if shares above are sold out.

Want a FREE Co-op Share?!

Refer 3 people, and you get a 100% FREE co-op Pool entry, for the average of what those 3 people ordered! It’s a phenomenal opportunity to routinely bring your marketing costs down to ZERO. Our Refer-a-Friend feature has saved people a ton of money with us!

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